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Saturday, October 15, 2011

My hubpages

I have recently joined Hubpages for pleasure to write whenever Im free. Unfortunately Im not a good writer.
I got to know that there are chances of earning some money out of writings. I wish you also can try yourselves.

I do believe that this is a new way of earning some dollars for Sri Lanka. if we can grow the number of writers, we can earn a lot for our country. Im ready to help anybody step by step. Frankly I do not earn as yet. I have only 10 USD in my adsense account.
If you like to join, use the below link. Then I will too earn some part from Hubpages for your works. (I do not receive anything from what aught to be for you)

I want more writers to write for Hubpages. Do some earning for our country. click join WAR, a Lucrative business for some countries

Best wishes!

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