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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Motion to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth defeated in the Australian Senate

Motion to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth defeated in the Australian Senate

(Colombo, Lankapuvath) - The Australian Government and the Opposition voted together today to defeat a motion moved in the Senate by Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon (Senator for New South Wales) to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.

Speaking on the motion, a representative for the Government of Australia said that they do not believe that complex foreign policy issues can be resolved through motions such as the one mooted by Senator Rhiannon.

Senator Rhiannon also convened a closed door round table discussion to further the call for a war crimes tribunal for Sri Lanka earlier in the week, the participants for which included pro- LTTE lobby group representatives and critics of the Sri Lankan Government. No invitation was extended by the Senator for any Sri Lankan Government representative to participate in this discussion.

Senator Rhiannon recently requested the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia to provide details of those that had applied for visas to Australia to attend the forthcoming CHOGM meeting as a part of the Sri Lanka delegation. The Minister declined to provide that information.

Several articles have appeared in the Australian media on the attempts by the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) and the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC ) calling on Governments including Australia to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth and to seek to prevent the participation of the Sri Lanka delegation at the forthcoming CHOGM meeting in Perth. The sole aim of these groups is to resurrect the militarily defeated LTTE terrorists (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) and their cause of creating a separate mono ethnic state of Tamil Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The efforts of these groups have concentrated in the aftermath of the war in targeting key Sri Lankan Government officials and damaging their reputations internationally. Their calls have continued to be ignored worldwide.

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Australia Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe has given extensive interviews to the Australian Associated Press (AAP) and ABC Radio Australia this week countering allegations made against Sri Lanka.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Foreign media learned but what did they say later?

Unpublished truth on the spot - UN can't see them

Human Rights Watch never watches these

Official trailer of GAMANI

My personal blog: GAMANI - A great film

GAMANI - A great film

Gamani - Sarath Weerasekera's unceasing waves

By Dr. Prasanna Cooray

The career sailor, Member of Parliament, Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera fought the war with a purpose. Even at a time when the political authorities of the country were at sea with regard to their stance on war, SW, the officer and the gentleman, was well grounded. Weerasekera’s enemy was the LTTE terrorists and the Tamil people were his brethren. He always uttered this to the men under his command and proved his words by deeds. This I knew as his subordinate in the Navy. I still remember his very first assignment for me as a young Surgeon Lieutenant attached to the Elara naval base in Karainagar in late 1993 to move out from the base and to go to the people living in the islands on the outskirts of the Jaffna peninsula. That was very much a troubled time and travel (by a dinghy) was neither easy nor safe. Yet, soon, for a young doctor it turned out to be an immensely memorable adventure. First, he had to carry out the command of the boss. Secondly, it came with a lot of empathy and affection to the Tamil civilians who were caught in a brutal war, for a fault that was not theirs.

‘Gamani’ is Weerasekera’s first film. But it speaks volumes for his accomplishment as a master film maker. His selection of shots and scenes throughout the film keep the audience spellbound. The film revolves around a remote village called Gonagala, in the Ampara district. Through each frame he has mingled to perfection the serenity of an otherwise calm far-flung village with the uncertainty and fear that terrorism brought to the lives of its inhabitants. Opening with a scene of the brutal massacre of innocent civilians by the LTTE terrorists, the plot winds round the villagers’ collective struggle for life and their attempts at resisting such future attacks.

For Weerasekera, who was appointed chief of the Civil Defense Force after his retirement from the Navy, this was a case of sharing his personal experiences and challenges. Equal to the task of transforming the CDF from a bunch of ‘gambattas’ to a force to reckon with that went on to play a crucial role in eliminating brutal terrorism from the country, Weerasekera has captured his personal experience in celluloid to the highest standard of artistry. Perhaps, one may find it difficult to resist reminiscence of 1982 multi award winner ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ encountering similar scenes pertaining to military training. And what director Taylor Hackford accomplished for Hollywood, Weerasekera has done to perfection for the benefit of Sri Lankan film-goers.

In the quest to defeating terrorists physically, Weerasekera deploys two strategies. One is to vitalize the CDF through proper training. The other is to use the ancient Sri Lankan martial art tradition of ‘angam pora’ to attack the enemy when and where possible. Although one can raise a credibility issue with regard to the effectiveness of ‘angam pora’ in confronting the enemy in this era of sophisticated weaponry, I think yet the decision lies very much within the discretion of the director. Whatever it is, the viewer is treated to a breathtaking feast of ‘angam pora’.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cancer Free Life

Cancer Free Life:

Cancer free life

Cancers have been one of top most killers of the world. Cancer statistics show various horror films with nightmares. Some groups seem to leave no stone unturned to help the victims developing huge funds withlucrative job openings. Drug manufacturers are also show their colors in different ways making good profits out of that.

Whatever the movement of the society, there is a sour truth in that. Cancers are spreading at an increasing momentum. What we believe is that the dire truth of cancers is the result of what we did and what we do. You can’t change what you have done so far. But you should be ready for reducing the probability of the cancer occurrences in you.

Basically the life style gives these repercussions. Without changing the life style to a better way, you will not safeguard yourself. What is this better way of living?

Live with nature! Be moderate in all possible things in your life.

Live with nature means, identify what sort of products you consume. Breathing, Foods, drinks, cosmetics, textiles, paints on homes, roofs and many more you should consider. Specially your mental condition should be at peace. Certain things you can’t change as you wish. But you should know one thing.

The nature has given us a place to live with certain environmental factors. Unfortunately man has destroyed the natural systems. But still we should have a place we are born to (actually place where we were raised). Search natural products in the same environmental system that can be used for your life. If you go farer from your habitat, there you will have increased chances of gettingdiseases. Simple moderate life styles will pave the way for a better death than long term sufferings.

We’ll next discuss on meditations and good life styles with examples…….

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My personal blog: Animal sacrifice & welfare

My personal blog: Animal sacrifice & welfare: Animal sacrifice & welfare Animal Sacrifice & welfare What do you feel when you read the topic of this article? Extremes of one subject? Ani...

Monday, September 12, 2011

NewsDaily: Analysis: Gene sequencers face govt budget squeeze

NewsDaily: Analysis: Gene sequencers face govt budget squeeze: "
Analysis: Gene sequencers face govt budget squeeze
By Esha Dey
and Shravya JainPosted 2011/09/12 at 3:08 pm EDT

Bangalore, Sep. 12, 2011 (Reuters) — Companies that make the gene-sequencing devices used in scientific research face a tough few years as potential cuts to the U.S. federal budget squeeze funding to its main academic and research customers.

Dr John Sulston, Director of the Sanger Centre near Cambridge takes part in the Human Genome Project in this undated handout photo. "

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First proof in patients of an improved 'magic bullet' for cancer detection and radio-therapy

First proof in patients of an improved 'magic bullet' for cancer detection and radio-therapy

Oncologists have long sought a powerful "magic bullet" that can find tumors wherever they hide in the body so that they can be imaged and then destroyed. Until recently scientists accepted the notion that such an agent, an agonist, needed to enter and accumulate in the cancerous cells to act. An international research team has now shown in cancer patients that an investigational agent that sticks onto the surface of tumor cells without triggering internalization, an antagonist, may be safer and even more effective than agonists.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Jonahs of new Ninevehs !

New Jonahs of new Ninevehs !

Sahan refuses confession. He says he can’t lie even at the confession. He does not believe in God. Through a real confession, you can meet God! But he has many enemies, LTTE, dirty politicians, greedy doctors & lawyers, drug traffickers, and many more. He hates them. With hatred in mind, can he do a real confession? Confession was the only barrier for Sahan to meet God as per the chief priest of the event. Sahan needs to meet this God. But he needs clean his heart from all the evil. Can he stop hatred on Prabhakaran who is destroying his ever loving motherland’s everything? Can he stop thinking on how to kill or destroy dirty politicians from Sri Lankan parliament who destroys motherland than LTTE? He makes a decision. .............