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Monday, February 4, 2013

who benefits from Wars

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World's largest arms exporters

The unit in this table are so-called trend indicator values expressed in millions of US dollars at 1990s prices. These values do not represent real financial flows but are a crude instrument to estimate volumes of arms transfers, regardless of the contracted prices, which can be as low as zero in the case of military aid. Ordered by descending 2000–2010 values. The information is from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.[8]

2001–12 RankSupplier200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012
1 United States59085229569868666700745380036288665886419984-
2 Russia589657055236617851345095542659535575603978747967[9]
3 Germany850916171311052080256731942500243223401206-
4 France12971368134522191724164324321994186518342437-
5 China499509665292303597430586100014231354-
6 United Kingdom13681068741131610398551018982102210541070-
7 Italy8801915263145384323664543838061046-
8 Israel20323934220958311871326530545503531-
9 Sweden216426341212774502684417514806686-
10 Ukraine700311442200290553728330320201484-
11 Spain712015056108843590610998513927-
12 Switzerland193157181243246285301482255137297-
13 Canada129170263265226226334227169258292-
14 South Korea165N/A1002948942208016395225-