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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cancer Free Life

Cancer Free Life:

Cancer free life

Cancers have been one of top most killers of the world. Cancer statistics show various horror films with nightmares. Some groups seem to leave no stone unturned to help the victims developing huge funds withlucrative job openings. Drug manufacturers are also show their colors in different ways making good profits out of that.

Whatever the movement of the society, there is a sour truth in that. Cancers are spreading at an increasing momentum. What we believe is that the dire truth of cancers is the result of what we did and what we do. You can’t change what you have done so far. But you should be ready for reducing the probability of the cancer occurrences in you.

Basically the life style gives these repercussions. Without changing the life style to a better way, you will not safeguard yourself. What is this better way of living?

Live with nature! Be moderate in all possible things in your life.

Live with nature means, identify what sort of products you consume. Breathing, Foods, drinks, cosmetics, textiles, paints on homes, roofs and many more you should consider. Specially your mental condition should be at peace. Certain things you can’t change as you wish. But you should know one thing.

The nature has given us a place to live with certain environmental factors. Unfortunately man has destroyed the natural systems. But still we should have a place we are born to (actually place where we were raised). Search natural products in the same environmental system that can be used for your life. If you go farer from your habitat, there you will have increased chances of gettingdiseases. Simple moderate life styles will pave the way for a better death than long term sufferings.

We’ll next discuss on meditations and good life styles with examples…….

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