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Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Jonahs of new Ninevehs !

New Jonahs of new Ninevehs !

Sahan refuses confession. He says he can’t lie even at the confession. He does not believe in God. Through a real confession, you can meet God! But he has many enemies, LTTE, dirty politicians, greedy doctors & lawyers, drug traffickers, and many more. He hates them. With hatred in mind, can he do a real confession? Confession was the only barrier for Sahan to meet God as per the chief priest of the event. Sahan needs to meet this God. But he needs clean his heart from all the evil. Can he stop hatred on Prabhakaran who is destroying his ever loving motherland’s everything? Can he stop thinking on how to kill or destroy dirty politicians from Sri Lankan parliament who destroys motherland than LTTE? He makes a decision. .............

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