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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Report of LLRC committee - If War did not end?

Sri Lankan war against the world's most dangerous terrorist outfit LTTE was ended at a high cost.

Some dirty fractions in the local and international community were so upset on closing up their lucrative earnings. But Sri Lanka did not bow down to dirty fractions. We were genuine and have done the best. We can correct if there is any wrong thing happened.
Lesson learnt and reconciliation committee was appointed on this regards and the relevant report has been published. You can direct download and read that here

Still We have a lot of things to do. But some people needed war for their survival. For instance,

01.LTTE fund raisers who are living luxurious lives at the cost of war, civilian casualties, ethnic unrest, underdevelopment and many in Sri Lanka. They earned lot of funds from Tamil diaspora. Some millions of dollars a day was  a real business for them.

02. LTTE donors in developed (economically) with war refugee visas
03. INGOs and NGOs who fueled war for their longer luxurious stays (plus some media people)
04. politicians both Sinhala Tamil muslims and some Indian political jokers (plus high level Indian/Singaporean/Norway/EU/Aus/Canada  politicians) In the region, mostly for votes and others for long term business and world power gains
05. Dirty hearted fools

Ended war had huge benefits invaluable

01. Freedom of life threat (we always thought there would be a bomb blast at any minute where ever we were)
02. War destroyed 30 years of Sri Lanka's economy and all others. If war did not end at any cost, the destruction will be immense and we can't measure it. We are in many sciences, about twenty years back from the world.
03. Sri Lanka is recognized again as a safe place in the world. Thereby a better tourist destination, no embargoes, no surcharges and many more.
04. Within one year, we were leveled at middle income country from low income country
05. Investors are flowing in. There will be many things than most popular "Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Cinnamon etc" in the world market soon

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